Why have we chosen moringa?

Moringa oleifera is a tree that originated in Asia. He loves the heat and drought tolerant which is ideal in the southern Philippines on land free of water, which is the case of our plantation. This tree is known tribes and local tribes since ancient times, the leaves and young fruits were and are eaten as vegetables and healers and shamans of these tribes have long used to relieve many diseases and pain.

But we know that in recent years the value and potential of this almost magical tree. Hence the nickname that some people give him the tree of life.

All parts of the tree can be used: the root, bark, leaves, fruits, flowers and seeds.

Moringa is the only tree to almost all vitamins, fiber, trace elements and amino acids that the man in need.

It is what makes the most complete food supplements. It effectively fights against malnutrition, hunger and junk food in our processed foods and diseases related to it. Moringa also provides relief and stabilize many ailments as diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, cholesterol, hepatitis, ulcers, arthritis, skin problems. A detailed list of each part of the tree, they relieve and stabilize on our website. We tested in two years all parts of the tree in the Philippines and have seen the benefits on a large number of people. The results are real and satisfactory.

Our plantation

Our project tropical medicinal plants (bio), started in December 2012 by a plantation of Moringa oleifera.

Our farm is located slightly in the mountains, amid other all natural coconut and banana trees. Far from the city and paved roads, only a dirt road over a kilometer allows access to planting this obviously for reasons of environment and ecology. We only use green manure only as needed and manufactured by us based Moringa and plant products.

Moringa is a tree producing small leaves, crops can only be done manually as saffron.

Like any aromatic or medicinal plant should be dried to a constant temperature and humidity, away from sunlight, our dryer is therefore a little lower in the valley, 3 km from the plantation. Once pruned branches are transported by water buffalo or horse back to dryer to be leafless. The leaves are then washed in spring water (source located on the ground the dryer, inspected and tested). Finally, they are drained before being dried for 3 days and returned thoroughly every day.

All products of our plantation arrive in Europe with a phytosanitary certificate. Which proves the quality of our products.

Benefits of Moringa

Wounds and burns

The moringa leaf powder was tested on wounds and burns routine. These wounds and burns have healed faster without infections and have left no trace of scars.

Eye problems

Eye and vision problems have been significantly improved after a regular intake of Moringa leaf powder for 3 months. This is probably due to the large amount of vitamin A in moringa leaves.

Skin problems

Skin problems like eczema among others have improved and have even disappeared after a regular intake of Moringa leaf powder for 3 months.


Many cases of hepatitis are the Philippines, due to water. Powder moringa leaf combined with another sheet has stabilized many cases of hepatitis. The results are fast enough, between 10 and 20 days. But the effects are lasting, it is necessary to continue the long-term regular use. This stabilization allows the patient to have a normal, active life.


We obtained good results with powder moringa leaf. But the seed and moringa seed powder is much better and effective for ulcers and gastric problems.

Cough and flu

The tea leaves or leaf powder well treat cough and flu symptoms, fever and aches associated with it. Cough, moringa flower tea is more effective.


Some people are allergic to stings of wasps and other insects. These allergies swell quickly to dive location. According places this can be quickly dangerous. We were able to avoid these swellings with bark of Moringa. That tries to prove the anti-venom of the bark of Moringa effect.

Pain and rheumatism

We also tested a base oil Moringa leaves and two other sheets. This oil is manufactured by us according to ancient rules. It is very effective against muscle pain, pain due to rheumatism and arthritis. It is also good for skin problems and massage it softens the skin. Healers, bone setters and patients who have used this oil are convinced of its effectiveness.


We continue to study the benefits of the tree of life, moringa, and this always with the help and blessing of healers. We will participate in as our results ...