On this page you will find some frequently asked questions about the Moringa Oleifera. If you want to ask us a question, you can do so by using the form found at Contacts.

Is Moringa new?
Moringa oleifera is used for over 2000 years and is a popular plant for a variety of applications. It has been revered for centuries in Asia and Africa, both for its nutritional values and its healing abilities. Nowadays, this tree is only beginning to be known in Western culture. In many third world countries, it continues to be the basis for nutritional programs set up by charities. The biggest challenge for the Moringa Oleifera Syndrome is "too good to be true." It offers so much that it is hard to believe that it can be so useful.
Why have I not heard of it?
Moringa Oleifera is known in 200 other names in different countries which add to its anonymity. It is principally a product developed in tropical and sub-tropical countries, where perennial plants survive well and provide support to indigenous people. This product therefore has not been commercially produced in an industrial scale. However, it is incorporated into many formulas by "owners" for nutritional supplements and its oil is used in many luxury cosmetics.
Why do we need Moringa?
In our society, everything goes faster and we take plenty of time to cook well. Meals are usually taken out of the freezer or from a box. As a result, our food is reconstituted, warmed, "enriched", preserved, and genetically modified. Our body is designed to mainly feed from plant sources. Balance is the key and the Moringa Oleifera is a naturally-balanced nutritional supplement.