Who are we?

Ancestral tribal is a non-profit organization, which works since a few years against the deforestation by the reforestation and the necessary reintroduction of bees at the pollination. Everybody knows the impact of the deforestation and the disappearance of bees on our life today.

Brief small reminder for those who would have forgotten them:

Trees and shrubs contribute by their absorption of co2 to fight against the reheating, climatic and those in the consequences which are due to him or her. The disappearance of bees make less and less fruits and vegetables are those pollinated so less and less fruits and vegetables in the markets and in the stores. The consequences we already undergo them the prizes of fruits and vegetables soar and some people are  already more accessible.
Generally an association asks you for donation without anything in return. We are in 21th centuries and nowadays even if we want to support a cause we want something in return  and to release himself from constraints to become a member and to pay a contribution.

Ancestral tribal propose you a winning association  meaning you find some benefits and us too.

How? Our site works as a shop. We propose you products at price promotional and sometimes even sacrificed. You are a winner because here you buy the cheaper product and  more you do a good deed by contributing to the reforestation and to the reintroduction bees.

Your avantages:

  • You participate in an association without the contraints.
  • You have no contribution to be paid.
  • You are not obliged to participate in the annual meetings.
  • We ask you for no voluntary work.
  • You take advantage of promotional prizes.
  • You made a good deed of the new products every week.


EDITED BY: Phillady Enario